Chesapeake Bay Appreciation Week

Annapolis Bermuda Race 2016

Sunrise on Northwest Shoals

Arcadia Arrives in Bermuda

Final dispatches 0100 on watch Making 7.5 knots partly cloudy, moonlit night. Search light off Bermuda clearly visible. Running lights … [Read More...]

Sunset Day 4

Only 178 Miles To Bermuda

Lovely Stars Knocks The Pain Out Of Your Arse Tuesday June 14 0100 watch 178 miles from our destination Just a few clouds interspersed … [Read More...]

Video of A2B Race Start

No new images from the Annapolis to Bermuda Race so far today, so enjoy this video of the race start last Friday! Annapolis to … [Read More...]

Paddle Potomac, Paddle Shenandoah

River Walk on the Farm


The Downstream Project will be co-sponsoring and capturing the "River Walk on the Farm" hosted by Bobby and Jeanne Whitescarver on their … [Read More...]

The Downstream Blog


Entering the Gulf Stream, Day 3

  \                     … (read more)